Top 5 tv shows that were cancelled too early

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 1. Swingtown. This show was amazing. Why didn’t everybody watch it?

 2. Invasion. I still haven’t forgiven ABC for leaving me hanging like that.

 3. Arrested Development. One of the cleverest shows I’ve seen. And I don’t usually use the word clever.

 4. Southland. I think somebody at NBC was off their meds when Southland got cancelled. Hopefully TNT sees the light.

 5. My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. I’m only half serious with this one, and I think it was supposed to be a one-shot deal. While it represented everything that is wrong with reality TV and the Fox network, and even though I usually felt so dirty after watching it (the shower wouldn’t go hot enough), it was so entertaining to watch.


Olympic Pic of the Day

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Biggest Canadian flag in the world?


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10 years later, I still like Survivor. Although there were a few years there in the middle (say 2004 to 2007) where it was getting old and I watched it more out of habit than anything else, I have to say that for the last two years I’ve been into it again. And in seven more days we get Heroes Vs. Villains. After looking at the cast list for each tribe, I have a few things to say.

First, Rupert is a hero? Uh… didn’t he steal everybody’s shoes at one point? And he was a screamer, no? I remember some very ill-tempered screaming. I also remember a lot of people liking him. But hero? I’m not sold on it. And speaking of not sold…

Coach is a villain? What’s up with that? He slays dragons to Pete’s sake! I get that some crazy, psychotic things come out of his mouth. I mean yeah, he is a little (a lot) insane. But insane doesn’t necessarily = villain. Strange.

It’ll be interesting to see Russell play, especially because the other survivors haven’t seen his tricks yet. Should be plenty of socks to burn, with nobody expecting it. And more idols to be found? Looking back, it does seem kind of incredible that nobody ever thought to look for idols sans clues before Russell came along. So it stands to reason that nobody will think to do it this time either, and this could be a big advantage. Unless of course he gets voted out early (as in, really early)…

My favorites are Boston Rob, Sugar and Colby. I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite to win, but I do like them. It’ll be interesting to see if Boston Rob and the others pick up on the sock burner’s tricks, or if they, like so many last season, will underestimate him and get taken out of the game because of it.

Who knows. I do have a suspision about Russell… one that involves him getting voted out early. Also Rupert, Boston Rob… I don’t know. It’s just a feeling.  But we’ll see, and before it all starts I’ll publish some official picks for winning and getting voted off early.

Seven days and counting…

The iPad: Worth It?

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Apple announced their newest creation yesterday – the iPad. I think it looks pretty great, but I’m not using the word great in an “iPhone debut” kind of way (where I’d be running out to buy it the second it’s available). No, I’m using the word in more of an “impressed but somewhat skeptical” kind of way.

It’s pretty, and I love pretty. It does some cool things, although there are a lot of cool things it doesn’t do (yet). In terms of the wireless version, I could see myself getting one eventually. But the key word there is eventually, because I don’t see it doing anything that would justify me spending 700 or 800 bucks (because really who’s going to buy the 16 gig) on something that my other devices can pretty much do already.

The main problem I see with buying the 3G version is that they haven’t convinced me (and I don’t think they can convince me) that I need it enough to take on another monthly expense, and espacially an expense that will have me giving more money to Rogers every month. In fact, the thought of giving more money to Rogers for anything makes me feel all angry and disturbed inside. I pay my cable company for internet, which I use for my iMac, laptop, PS3, iPhone and Apple TV. Aaaand then I pay Rogers another 30 bucks a month for 6 gigs of data on my iPhone when I’m not on wireless.

Actually, looking at that list, I probably don’t need an iPad at all, but when my laptop dies I would consider buying one as a replacement. But not the 3G. If I’m outside of wireless range with my laptop now I just tether it to my iPhone, and I would probably just do the same thing with the iPad if I can.

So, the short answer is, I like the idea of the iPad, but hate the idea of paying a monthly fee to a cell phone carrier to use it.  I don’t think I need it in addition to what I already have, but I could see buying one (without 3G) when my laptop dies. The question is, how many people feel the same way? I guess we won’t really know that until the numbers come in.

Dream Time Tea Time

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In what I swear will be my last tea related post for a long time, I want to tell you about a dream I had on Friday night.  Basically I dreamt I was drinking tea. I don’t know where I was but I know I was holding a travel mug full of it. I drank some and realized the tea didn’t taste right – it was way too strong. I took the lid off the travel mug and found… about eighteen tea bags.

 That’s about it. I remember thinking or saying something like “why are there so many tea bags in there?” but nothing else happened.

 Why would I dream that? A lack of important things going on in my life? After the chaos (I mean chaos) of last fall I’m glad something as insignificant as tea warrants dream time. Or maybe the tea represents something else that I’m not getting enough of but run the danger of overcompensating for. Hmm or maybe it’s just a stupid dream about tea that means nothing. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the last one.

Canucks Super Skills!

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Sunday afternoon at GM Place.

Look what I did! Again!

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How do I not know I’m drinking water instead of tea?